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Oom Yung Doe Grand Master Iron Kim demonstrates Kyong Gong Sul Bope
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The 8 Martial Arts: Goong Bu (Kung Fu)

Bagwa Chung Tai Chi Chung Goong Bu (Kung Fu) Ai Ki Do / Hap Ki Do
(Jiu Jitsui)
Ship Pal Gye
(18 Weapons)
Kom Do
(Samurai Sword)
Kong Su
(Tae Kwon Doe)

For centuries martial arts masters have studied the motion of nature and animals and observed the relationship of the unlimited mobility of their movements and their natural ability to heal themselves. Centuries of research concluded that wild animals through their ability to move naturally, gracefully, and without limitations seldom get sick. Once realized, many practitioners mimicked the movements of different wild animals, fitting them to the way the human body moves. Through generations many adjustments to the forms were necessary to fine-tune these movements to maximize the health benefits to the human body. Through constant refinement, and observation of their own body's reaction to the movements a concise and accurate way to develop these movements was achieved.

Other forces of nature were also observed and adopted into martial arts movements. The forces of the exploding volcano became the form Tang Ooh. Studying the rolling forceful motion of the ocean waves became Tang Nang. There are literally hundreds of variations of KUNG FU styles. Some are not based on the natural movements of animals, but all incorporate the same general principles.

Through the Main Hyung (main form) practice of KUNG FU, the mind and body will develop and retain the mental sharpness and physical strength that will last throughout your entire life, while developing the internal strength to maintain good health. Other benefits include better reflexes, coordination, agility, timing and speed, and an enhanced ability to focus. Also through practice, circulation and oxygen intake are improved allowing you to expel toxins from the body and develop a more responsive immune system.

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